LGCR Government Solutions is a leading government relations firm that provides a wide range of services to help clients anticipate and manage changes that affect their interests. The firm's services range from assisting clients on regulatory matters to lobbying before state lawmakers to providing strategic issue tracking/counsel. Our senior-level expert has nearly 40 years of experience in the legislative and executive branches of government. In addition, the firm has been active in congressional, gubernatorial and legislative campaigns. It is safe to say that few firms are as well connected regarding the political situation and legislative environment in West Virginia.

LGCR Government Solutions is the firm to call when you need assistance or guidance on a regulatory matter... or when you want to advance legislative/policy positions that are important to the bottom-line.

LGCR Government Solutions ("LGCRGS") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the law firm of Lewis Glasser PLLC, but LGCRGS is not a part of the law firm. LGCRGS does not offer or provide legal advice or legal services of any kind to its clients. The privileges typically associated with an attorney-client relationship, such as protections of attorney-client privilege, and related secrecy protections, or conflicts avoidance do not apply for clients of LGCRGS.

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LGCR Government Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lewis Glasser PLLC